Small Compass telling your TrueNorthTrueNorth Counseling Solutions

  • Destination unknown?

    Destination unknown?


  • Realize the direction of the wind

    You can't change the direction of the wind


  • Adjust your sails

    But you can adjust your sails to reach your destination!


  • Your life matters.

    Your life matters.


  • Set your course...

    Set your course.


  • Find your place...

    Find your place.


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We are not always prepared for the change in the wind, the luffs in our sails, or the raging storm over taking us.

Sometimes it may feel as though life got the best of you, the sails are wildly thrashing against the wind and your boat is tortured by the storm!

There is hope and healing in learning to adjust the sails so that you once again master the wind and the storms of your life.


Let us help you find YOUR TrueNorth!

Natali Plourde, LCSW

Natali Plourde, LCSW

Bangor, Maine 04401