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  • Destination unknown?

    Destination unknown?


  • Realize the direction of the wind

    You can't change the direction of the wind


  • Adjust your sails

    But you can adjust your sails to reach your destination!


  • Your life matters.

    Your life matters.


  • Set your course...

    Set your course.


  • Find your place...

    Find your place.


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Welcome to the TrueNorth Solutions blog!!

Sometimes all you need is a little focus to continue on.

Falling off course can be caused by a knee jerk reaction or slipping a few degrees over the course of time. It can be a life changing event that catches you off guard or complacency of your own doing because you put your life on auto pilot. One of the first steps may be to take a moment, pull out that life map (you know, that where do I want to be image in your head) and write or rewrite your destination down. Here are a few samples:

I want to be healthier... so I will...

I want help with depression or any other diagnosis... so I will...

I want to be happy again.. so I will ..

I want to feel empowered... so I can..

I am tired of the waves consuming me.. so I am going to...

You may not have all the answers today...

or even tomorrow but you know the old cliche' ...

it all starts with one step...

one foot in front of the other...

Take a few moments for you...

invest in your future.. the cost of dreaming... IS FREE!!

Natali Plourde with TrueNorth Counseling Solutions is dedicated to providing hope and strategies for wellness with you, the client, at the helm.

Life is not always about escaping the fire, hiding from the storm, or pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps.. rather it is fanning the flame, dancing in the rain, and choosing your best footwear for your journey!

We are here with help as you decide your best course!

All you need is a little focus